After working for years as magazine fashion editors we are offering our services to you. If you’ve been thinking about enhancing, creating or simply refreshing your personal style, we are here to assist you. After an initial consultation to understand your needs and goals, we can provide you with everything you need. We can organize your closets, shop for you and give you hair and beauty tips. We are available to consult about that once-in-a-lifetime red carpet event or for a night out with that special person in your life. We can style and shop for that weekend getaway or we can simply reorganize the staples of your everyday wardrobe. Whatever your fashion needs, we are here to support you in expressing the real you.



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Whether you are going to a wedding, a special event or a getaway weekend, we can put together the perfect look for you.  We can work with your own wardrobe, or we can help you in shopping a new look. * 

* Initial consultation flat rate $300, maximum 1 hour





Born and raised in Milan, Michela was introduced to the world of fashion at a young age when her mother began working for Giorgio Armani and making clothes for fashion icons like Tina Turner and Sophia Loren. Inspired by her mother's passion for style, she decided to pursue a life in the fashion industry.  After graduating from The Institute of Journalism in Rome, she became an assistant to editors at Elle.  In 2001, Michela became the Senior Fashion Editor of Elle Italia where she developed her editorial skills and began to integrate them with her unique sense of style. After three years, she was transferred to the New York office of Elle and began to work with Gilles Bensimon at the American edition of the magazine. Recognizing her elegant and unusual style and her expertise as a story editor, CONDE NAST recruited Michela as a fashion and beauty editor for GLAMOUR magazine and assigned her some of their most groundbreaking editorials.  Drawing on her experience as a stylist as well as her talents as an editor, she collaborated with photographic greats like Arthur Elgort, Patrick Demarchelier and Walter Chin. During her career she worked with celebrities like Pink, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Hudson, Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt, Zoe Saldana, Kristen Stewart and Emma Stone. Michela is now working in New York as a freelance stylist , and collaborates with the International edition of Harper's Bazaar and a long list of commercial clients.

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Sofia's penchant for style has family roots.  A native of Milan, she grew up with a passion for fashion, and her 'Italian Burgeoise' sense of it derived from the city she lived in.  After graduating from the Instituto Europeo of Design, an internship at Elle Italia quickly tuned into a Contributing Editor role.  For many years she worked for the International Editions of the magazine, collaborating with the top talents in the industry.  During her career in Milan she worked with Cate Blanchett, Megan Fox, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bunchen, John Turturro, and Jeremy Irons.  She also had the opportunity to share her set with such noted photographers as Matt Jones, James Russell, David Roemer, and Brigitte Lacombe. In 2012 she moved to New York to expand her network and contributed with Vogue Mexico, Flaunt, ID, and more.  She credits the style of new home as a major influence in her point of view.  She continues to share her time between Milan and New York.

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Sofia and Michela first met at Elle magazine and have been working together for many years since.  Their desire is to share with you what they have learned through this long journey of collaboration and friendship.  This is how TIPSONSTYLE was created.



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As a fashion and celebrity hairdresser working with the most famous women in the world, I have worked with many fashion stylists. Michela Buratti is not only highly sought after, she is the best in the business. She has an attention to detail, beautiful taste, and knows how to treat her clients.
— Ted Gibson, Celebrity Hair Stylist, @tedgibson
Sofia is a very talented fashion editor. One of my favorites! She has a great sense of fashion. She knows how to bring this little something which will successfully twist any fashion or beauty story and drive it to an high level, without being pretentious and too obvious. Her stylism is lively, joyful, trendy, personal and refined at the same time. The italian class with an international feeling!
— VIrginie Dolata, Elle International, @virginiedolata
Michela Buratti is a force of nature in fashion, her style is effortless and cool, but always chic!
— Richard Blandino, Booking Director, Glamour Magazine, @richardblandino
I’ve worked with Michela Buratti for years and I think her style is absolutely modern with a twist. Never too retro, never too avantgarde. I should say just right and contemporary.
— Alberto Zanoletti, Fashion Director, Italian Elle